People gives up as easily as throwing a rock in the water but I don’t give up I change to stand strong how many of you people felt like this is it well I will tell you my story in my story I was a girl who don’t know what her dream was just living cause it’s a game of world the more I try ed the more I  failed but then there was a lot of haters pulling me down that’s when I know it’s not cause I was not good enough  it’s cause what I have people don’t want me to show it to the world I was the first  the last year of middleschool well lot of things didn’t really work out by then the first year of highschool I realize that I wanted to be a designer that was the time when my hater trise to rise like a flame at that time not only I want to be a designer I wanted to be a singer,dancer,drawer,and makeup artist well practice didn’t really hurt ed anybody so I practiced till the end of second year of high school and at that summer I begged my parents to take me to a design school and that’s how my life started until now am still learning  designing and drawing and being a makeup artist after 4 years of practice I have full potential of being a singer and a song writer and wrote a lot well this is the main part of my life that I want to share  with  you  tnx



How many of you have a hard time wearing hijab i know how it feels when you first wear it its been 4 years since i started to wear hijab but still there are a lot of things you have to face. When your a teenager there is lot of things that is hard. Friend, family, fashion , and life as well but i will tell you how i passed my 3 highschool year with hijab . if you have any problem through out your year i will help since i became a designer i figured how i should manage my fashion with hijab tnxs


Do you really wanna know how to be confident

Well being confident is one of the way of being successful. So every person who wants to success full have to be co nfident .confidence has its way of developing through you. First you have to make sure you choose the right choice if your choice seemes right to you if you feel good about your choice then dont listen people’s opinion cause if you always sure about your choice dont expect people to make you feel like a confident person . every body struggled to be confident before they become a confident person. If you cant act confident then at least pretend your confidence cause that will make you a confident person from time to time. Even if your choice is wrong or right just make it look likw your right. Then people will feel ashamed to tell you the qrong things so you make them belive your right. All i want to say is if your happy with it dont let others decision affect yours.
“The person who tryes to pull you down is already below you”